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Lease car repairs in Ash

If the lease on your car has ended, bring it to us. We will repair the minor cosmetic flaws caused by day-to-day use. For further details, contact us today.
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End-of-lease clean up

If you have been driving a leased car, you will want to ensure that it looks its best at the end of the lease term. At AE Coachworks Ltd, Aldershot, we offer comprehensive lease car repairs to ensure all cosmetic flaws, such as faded paintwork, scuffs and dents, caused by daily use are repaired. Call us today for further details.
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We can work on:

  • Minor scrapes and scuffs
  • Minor dents and scratches
  • Faded paintwork
  • Faded bumpers
  • Trim refurbishments
Get in touch with us to find out more about our services.
If you want to restore your car to its former condition at the end of the lease period, call AE Coachworks Ltd, Ash, Aldershot, on 01252 333 392





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